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Upcoming Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses in 2017


Can you already hear your wedding bells? Don’t be all shy; it is but natural to be excited about your wedding and make all the preparations much ahead of time than necessary because it prevents the chances of last minute glitches. As a bride, one of your primary jobs is to pick perfect dresses for your gorgeous bridesmaids. You might think you know your girl gang too well but frankly, it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to picking dresses for them.

Ana might want a short bodycon, Jules might want to go with a traditional long one, Camilla might like an off-shoulder dress while Leia might like sheer boat neck dress. And you can be left at your wit’s end with all their tantrums. So, it is essential that you go through the bridesmaid’s trends this year to decide better which kinds of bridesmaid dresses UK you want. Take a look.

  1. One-Shoulder

If you want a traditional look for the bridesmaids and yet want them to look modern and chic, one-shoulder dresses are your best bets. This is one of the latest craze of bridal fashion. You can find this style in a plethora of colours like classic black, royal purple, pop pink or elegant ivory and gunmetal. The long flowing gowns create a cohesive appearance for your lovely girlfriends, keeping to the traditional aspect of the occasion while the off-shoulder will draw attention to the chirpy, chic and vivacious nature of your gorgeous girl gang.

  1. Fabric Hues

The fabric hues can make a huge difference to any dress and can really make it stand out. Therefore, many people are nowadays opting for bold and vibrant hues which really attract the crowd. Imagine all bridesmaids in a plum jewel tone or a fun splash of fuchsia either in similar style and cut or in a variety of style. Team it up with light coloured bouquets to complement the bright shade of your dress.

  1. Mismatched Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaids are the trendiest and coolest thing around the block nowadays. There are plenty of ways you can do so. Choose a single colour family like the red bridesmaid dresses and then ask all your girls to come in various shades of red like carmine, scarlet, crimson, wine red or blood red either with the same style or in different ones. Or you can choose two contrasting colours for the same style. For example, go for off-shoulder long bridesmaid dresses in lime green and turquoise blue. Another way of doing it is to choose a single colour like ivory, blush pink or purple and try the same colour on various styles like one-shoulder, long sleeves, off-shoulder, sweetheart necklines, halters etc. Mismatched dresses can really liven up your wedding with various kinds of neutrals, necklines and patterns.

  1. Sassy Short

If your girlfriends are fond of contemporary fashion and want to wear something that can wear again post-wedding, then this is perfect for you. Short dresses are sassy and smart which are best to reflect the fun attitude of every young girl today. Wear them in any pop colours or go for sequined bodycon if your bridesmaids are not allergic to any sort of shiny syndrome.

So, now you are ready to go shopping for your lovely girls’ squad. Just keep in mind that bridesmaids work very hard to make this day very special for you. So, you must also try to take care of their wishes, likes and dislikes.

Author Bio: Mia Jackson is a fashion blogger and here, she writes about the upcoming trends of Bridesmaids’ fashion. Whether you choose red bridesmaid dresses or blue ones, it is essential to be updated about the latest trends to make the wedding successful.

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