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Types of Pumps


Is this the first time you are faced with the task of buying a water pump? Considering the fact that the real estate market experienced a boom primarily because of first time home owners, this might very well be the case. People use water pumps for a lot of purposes. Some use it for agricultural purpose, some for maintenance of landscape features and some use it for pumping water for home use. Whatever be your reason for purchasing it, it is absolutely necessary that you acquire some knowledge about them so that you don’t end up with a water pump that stretches your credit card but doesn’t serve your purpose.

In this article we will briefly take a look at the types of water pumps available in the market. As you read through the article, you will get an idea of what kind of pump will be serve your purpose better.

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  • Submersible pumps:

These are heavy duty water pumps. You must have heard about this pump a lot. It’s the pump of choice for farmers and landscape developers. In contrast to other types of pumps, it is installed underground and can pump water from much greater depths as compared to other pumps. It’s also the pump of choice for areas with low water table. So is this the right pump for you? Well, not if you are looking for a pump for just pumping water to your water tank. On the other hand if you want a pump for irrigational purpose or other heavy water usage tasks then this might be your best bet.

  • Sump pumps:

These pumps are used for the purpose of water drainage. If you live in a low lying area where rain water doesn’t gets drained then this is the right pump for you.

  • Well pumps:

This pump is ideal for domestic use but only for areas having a high water table. You can select one with the right capacity that can fulfill the needs of your household. Well pumps are perhaps the most popular pumps too.

  • Screw pumps:

Screw pumps are a bit different from other pumps. To be exact, a screw pump is not a water pump. This pump is used for fluids having high viscosity. It is primarily an industrial pump finding its applications in hydraulic elevators, gas re-filling stations, heating apparatuses, heavy duty machinery cooling solutions and sewage disposal plants. One of the main advantages of screw pumps is that like gear pumps it can handle fluids of varying viscosity.

This article was written by Claudiu Stanescu. Claudiu is a hydraulics engineer and leads the marketing team of a well established and reputed water pumps manufacturer.

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