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Top Wedding Trends for This Year


Many people dream of their wedding day long before it comes around. Those who have big dreams to come true may have already mapped out their wedding day before it has happened. If you are in the opposite camp and you do not yet have your wedding planned, there are some wedding trends that you can follow to come up with a beautiful day. Whether you are on a small budget or if you have as much money as a loan from, here are some wedding trends that can help you to create a magical big day.

Vineyard weddings

While churches and other places of worship are used for wedding ceremonies, there are non traditional places that are currently trending for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Vineyards are one of the most popular places this year for throwing a wedding and reception. The vineyards feature effortless beauty and greenery without needing many decorations. The temperatures of vineyards are also often mild, which make for a beautiful ceremony during many parts of the year.

White dresses for bridesmaids

It is customary that everyone except for the bride avoids wearing white for the wedding ceremony. The opposite trend seems to be occurring this year. Many brides are opting for light colored or white dresses for their bridesmaids. While the dresses are often a very different style than bridal wedding dresses, but they are the same color. This can help with matching and giving a wedding a bright theme.

Surprising invitations

Weddings first start with the invitations. Many trendy weddings are going away from the typical printed wedding invitations and are going towards something that is creative. Some couples are printing invitations on a balloon that is blown up and brought tot the wedding for entry. Others couples may send out a video or CD that has the upcoming wedding announcement and instructions on it in video or audio format. If you want to be a part of this trend, get together with your fiance and come up with a wedding invitation that fits your personalities.

Personal cocktails

One of the ways that that couples are choosing to celebrate with friends and family is by creating a cocktail that can be served at the wedding reception. While many people cannot afford the cost of an open bar or do not want it as an option, creating a cocktail named after the couple or the wedding day is a current trend. If you want to create a beverage for a person to enjoy, you should create a good amount of children who will enjoy what you need.

Desserts aside from cake

The cake is typically the centerpiece of the wedding, however many people are now skipping cake for something else. Some are going for cupcake towers, while others are interested in macaroons or candies. If you are not a fan of a cake, consider creating a tower of your favorite desserts. The new trend of straying away from a cake gives way to more freedom of choice for your wedding.

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