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The Cultural Tourism: Wayang Kulit Bali Indonesia


Wayang kulit bali Indonesia is one of the most popular Indonesian culture aside of wayang kulit Jawa (Javanese puppet). This kind of Indonesian puppet has been lasting among the people since quite long time ago. It is because it can offer the people great quality and valuable messages can be taken from the story. So then, it is why the show of the Balinese puppets can be one of the best attractions that you have to watch every time you spend your spare time in Bali Island. So, you will not only get amazed by the beautiful nature in Bali, but also by its amazing culture.

The show of Wayang kulit bali Indonesiacan be the perfect option for you to choose especially if you really want to get distinctive experiences during your cultural themed holiday in Bali. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It is not only about an entertainment

The Balinese puppet show has some very nice purposes every time it is performed by a narrator that is called dalang in front of many people. One of them is that this puppet can be a great media that can not only amuse, but also educate whoever who watch this. So, it is no wonder if the Balinese puppet show will bemostly about something so relatable to life, which can be like morality, humanity, ethic, and so on. Well, on the other words, watching the Balinese puppet show can make you have the chance to learn about life, so that you can liv it in the better way. Simply, it can be a great attraction that will definitely make all the member of your family get the relieved and happy feeling spiritually.

  • The various shows of Balinese puppet show

Furthermore, the puppet from Bali Island has so many various shows that you can select as well, which are Wayang Lemahand Wayang Peteng. Wayang Lemah is a puppet show that is commonly held in the afternoon as the part of the Yadnya Ceremony. In this case, the puppet show will show you more about the religious message through its stories. Then, the other is Wayang Petengthat will be started in the night. This puppet show can be a very nice thing for you to watch as it shows you the more Balinese jokes and comedy that you will like so much. Besides, you will find that this puppet show has the lighter story and language for sure.

After putting at all together, those are the reason why you have to see the Wayang kulit bali indonesia in order to make your cultural themed holiday in Bali become more impressive and unforgettable. In addition, you can actually make the puppets from Bali become your collection as they have the notable artistic and ethnic designs that you can find on any other puppets from other countries in the world. So then, you will be able to enjoy its beauty whenever you have a leisure time to spend.

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