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Shower Gel Or Soap: Which Is Better ?


When you are shopping for your beauty products how you make sure that the product you are purchasing is right for you? Well, not many are having solid answers. This is a daunting task even if you are purchasing soap. Choosing a soap and shower gel is not a rocket science, but both of them are having pros and cons, which a buyer must know. You must choose a product according to yours kin type and the right formula can prove treasure of youth for your skin.

Scientific difference

Many people say soaps are extremely harmful for your skin because they are highly alkaline and shower gels are good for skin because they preserve natural oils of skin. Soap is made by combining animal fat or vegetable oils with lye. The process of making soap is called saponification liquid soap is also made with similar process, but use potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide. During the process of curing sodium, hydroxide evaporates and awesome soap is left behind.

Shower gels on the other hand contains few basic ingredients  such as betaines, foaming ingredients, water etc. some people are sensitive to SLA- sodium laureth sulfate so  they can use SLS free shower gel.

Which should you use?

Bar soaps can remove debris, dirt, and oils from your skin. It is also easy to apply. If you are an athlete or seat a lot, then bar soap is ideal for you. There are different bar soaps available these days and some of them are made from lecithin, vitamins and amino acids that can keep your skin hydrated. If your skin is extremely delicate, eczema prone, then you might want to stick to the shower gel. Shower gels are water based and it is good for your skin. Shower gels are also equipped with soothing and extra calming ingredients.

Experts say some people might want to restrict themselves to one because of the extreme weather conditions. In some places, people use shower gels in winter and bar soaps in winter. The good news is that today both soaps and shower gels are enriched with high quality ingredients that can keep your moisture intact and save your skin from being damaged. You must also choose a product according to your skin needs. Poor quality bar soaps are made from damaging ingredients, which can keep your skin dry.

There are many ways by which you can make sure that the soap you are using is good for your skin or not. Read about all the ingredients on the label before purchasing. If it is having ingredients that are known to you, then purchase it. Some companies also hide the name of the ingredients, but after the use of the products, you can judge the quality of the soap. If your skin is left dry and chapped after using it, then it might be highly alkaline. If your skin feels smooth, then it might e enriched with moisturizing agents. If you have extra sensitive skin, than shower oils and gels are best for you. Visit

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