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Modern Design Ideas for Your Home


When it comes to the atmosphere and feel of a home, the choice of furniture, colours, decorations, and appliances is important. In this sense, we are truly slaves to the culture of our time, being influenced by the trends of the market and the whims of magazines that tend to dictate what is stylish. Just look at any history of home decoration and design and it is impossible to separate the dominant culture of the day from how people design their homes. In this context, it is always good to understand how home décor and design is influenced by the contemporary paradigm.

Why Atmosphere Matters to Us

When one walks into a home, one is immediately struck by the feel and atmosphere of the home, but what does this really mean? The colour palette, furniture, decorations, spacing, appliances, and style all play a role in the way that we both perceive and experience a home.

For example, walk through a traditionally decorated 19th-century Victorian home in the UK and one will be immediately struck by how ornate it is and how dim it feels. This is a reflection of the cultural attitudes of the time and the fact that mass production was in full swing.

Walk through a modern home that has been styled in line with our modern attitudes and one will feel rather differently. Sleek contours, a sense of space, and minimal design all make us feel that we are at the centre of a modern home and that we are not dominated by the design.

Modernising Your Home

What if you live in a home that needs some drastic style updates? Maybe you have just purchased an older home, for example, that has not seen a style update in several decades. This can make us feel at odds with the cultural style of the time but the good news is that redesigning it is not a difficult task.

One of the dominant meta-styles of our time is minimalism. This design philosophy emphasises space, simple colours, lots of natural light, and functional decorative choices. For example, placing Karlsson clocks and other minimally-styled wall pieces in the home can emphasise space and speak to the design attitudes of the time. Likewise, sleek and simple furniture combined with a neutral paint colour palette can increase the sense of space in a home.

Allowing plenty of natural light into a home through window placement and the widespread use of modern blinds can transform a home from a place that is dim and dark to one that is filled with natural light. When combined with the right style choices, it can lift any home to the next level and make it feel vastly more modern.

The way a home feels is a complex interaction between dominant meta-styles that inform culture and the way that we view the world. A number of simple choices can transform just about any home into something that reflects the time we live in and the way that we wish to experience it.

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