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Know What Exactly Is Missing In Your Jewelry Box


Jewelry is an important part of fashion. When you are dressing up for any occasion, after deciding your clothes the first thing that you think of is what piece of jewelry will go with it? Also, remember the type of jewelry you select can either complete your outfit gracefully or can even kill it at times.

So, when you are picking jewelry to wear with your outfit, one of the most important thing that you must keep in mind is the occasion. You can be wearing the same dress for different occasions but it is not necessary that the same jewelry will fit and suit all the occasions. This means, you must have a few pieces of jewelry that are timeless, adaptable and if worn correctly can suite any and every occasion.


Here we have listed 3 key pieces of jewelry which go nicely with most of the outfits and saves a lot of your time when you are dressing up in a hurry. However, before going on to that, let us note down the three most import tips of choosing these 3 key pieces.


  • It is not necessary that all the 3 pieces should match each other. You can always mix match and wear them with other ornaments too.
  • No need to wear all the three at the same time. You can even wear any one of them and complete your look.
  • Make sure you always pick quality stuff which you can use over and over again. Keep in mind, good quality stuff always speak for itself.
    Pearl Necklace

The 3 key pieces of jewelry

  1. Pearl Necklace – Unlike anything else, pearls have a unique quality of suiting all the apparels. If you are wearing pearls, you are sure to look stunning as well as elegant. A string of pearls can be worn with almost all the types of apparels. This beautiful beady thing can go with all your evening gowns, trouser-suits and even jeans and tops. The key is to pick them up wisely and never fall for the fake ones.2
  2. Earrings – Having a good pair of earrings is a must. Depending on your personal preference, you can go for drop earrings or hoop earnings. Since pearls go well with any apparel, pearl earrings can enhance the beauty of all your outfits.23
  3. Watch – Last but certainly not the least, a nice and eye-catching pearl wrist watch is equally important. You can always pick a branded one or shop around a little to find something real classic and striking.

Here you go… Now you know what is missing in your jewelry box. So simply go for a little shopping and get the most pleasing 3 key pieces of jewelry to complete your look.

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