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Is photography a science or an art?


Photography is as much a science as it is an art. Photographers need to have good understanding of light, reflection of light, background of objects, colour contrasts, distance, etc. If the object of photography is a baby, the task becomes more complicated. When you are tasked with taking photographs of a small child, it means that you need to capture its mood in various hues and shades. The child is not going to pose for you. You have to either create opportunities or wait for the child to come up with a pose. However, there is no such problem with new-borns. It is rather easy to photograph new-borns. But you should be very careful while photographing infants. Whatsoever, the best baby photographer in thane will abide by some tips to get the best photographs.

Tips for baby photography

Right timing helps catch expressions in full

While taking photographs of a baby you should attach due importance to timing. If you are taking photographs in morning then the best time is early morning. During early morning, the sunrays are mellow. This makes sure that the baby does not squint. You can catch the full face of the baby with all its loveliness and innocence. You can get similar opportunity around an hour before sunset. These are the times when you can get the best photographs. If it is not possible to wake up the baby at these hours, you should make sure that the sunrays are not directly coming into the room whenever you are taking photographs.

With a baby, you can expect the unexpected. At one moment, the baby is crying and the other moment they are smiling. It is expected that you have your camera with full charge so that you do not miss out in capturing a beautiful image of the infant. As soon as a baby is born or in fact even before the baby is born you would need to plan your photoshoot well in advance. Babies grow at the rate of knots and you will be amazed of the fact on how babies grow so quickly within a time frame of 2 to 3 weeks. If you want to capture these moments then capture the baby photoshoot right away.

Direction is important

While taking photographs direction is important. If it is morning then take the photographs near a West facing window. If it is afternoon then take photographs near aEast facing window.

Use a reflector to avoid direct sunlight

If you are a professional baby photographer in thaneyou must be well aware of the problem with direct sunlight. If you are photographing a baby in natural light and cannot avoid some shadows then reflectors can be of great help. With reflectors, you can light up the shadowy areas. This helps in capturing the baby in all its postures and moods.

Highlight some areas

There are some areas in the baby’s body that you should highlight in order to make it look special. Areas like the whorl of hair, the tiny toenails, the pout, the cute belly button, etc. are some areas that you should focus on to make the photographs appear cuter.

A simple background

You need a background for taking pictures. But, the background should be simple so that the baby gains prominence and not the background.

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