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How to select an amazing dress for occasion


At most of the occasions when we buy clothing we shop in person so that we can feel and see the item physically and select, but when the selection of clothing for special occasions arises we are compelled to opt for online shopping because we do get most latest fashioned clothing. There are many ways by which the manufacturer make the special clothing special for all ceremonial occasions which are as follows:-

Embroidery:- A simple fabric can be made to look fantastic by making use of needle and threads it is called embroidery which can be by hand or making use of sewing machine. Design and type of embroidery can differ as per the choice of wearer and their age to meet the requirement of any special occasion Embroidered Capes are the most popular dresses made for special occasions.

Laces:- Laces are made use to give extra color to the fabric, there are different types of laces based upon how these are created from using a needle and thread to cutting away threads to knitting or crocheting the thread into the patterns. The laces can be in the form of rough thick threads or very intricate and delicate in nature. These laces provide special decoration to any type of fabric to suit any special occasion.

Trimming:-This is another way of decorating fabric along the edges of the garments or may be by actual cutting away the portion of the fabric of the garment which depends upon the occasion for which it is made.

Smocking:- smocking is referred to a technique where fabric is pleated means folded in many layers gathered to give a design and the embroidered to hold the fabric together to make design. To achieve this you need to take light weight fabric so that it can be folded easily and also sturdy enough so that it does not pull out or tear. Mostly cotton and silky fabric or used to provide this type of design.

Pin stripe:- Pinstripe is the thin parallel strips provided on the fabric mostly it is used on men dresses but now a days ladies too prefer to wear the dresses with pinstripe design.

Ribbons:-long narrow strips of fabric in different colors are used to decorate the garments especially on the bottom of the skirt or to tie up a ponytail of the girl garments.

Eyelet:-These are another type of laces in which the fabric is cut into a pattern of holes which are provided finishing with buttonhole stitch. These eyelets are arranged in a design and can comprise of varying whole sizes.

Sheer:– It is very thin fabric one can see through it so transparent. Special occasion clothing is often layered with sheer fabric on top layer of the garment to provide the attractive look.

Crystals:- A clear colorless glass crystals beads are often used to embellish jewelry or other special occasion items like tiaras, small crystals can be used to decorate the garments to meet the requirement of any special occasion. All these designs are often used for embroidered cape.

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