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How many Rivoli beads you need to make a Rivoli Bezel


The Rivoli crystal is very beautiful and has a very precise faceting that ends in the central point. You will notice a dazzling array of beautiful colors reflected from this point. However, such types of crystals do not have a hole and to hang them you will have to make the bezel using the Rivoli beads. You might be looking forward to making your own bezel. Before you move ahead here are a few things that you need to consider.

1-Beads selection

We all know that there are many types of Rivoli beads available in the market. To make the bezel the Delicas beds are easiest to use. Their main attraction is the cylindrical shapes that make them easy to stitch into a peyote. In case you have planned to use size 11 of the Rivoli beads, you can add a new row of a small size 15 around it to secure the bezel in its place.

2-Number of beads

One of the most important things to consider while making the bezel is the number of beads that you are using. You have to consider the size the of the Rivoli beads while selecting their number. You will always have to take a guess but ensure that it is as accurate as possible. Do not worry we will help you select the right number of beads.

  • Use 26 beads of size 12 mm
  • For 14 mm size, 30 beads would be enough
  • Use 34 beads for 16 mm size
  • 38 beads will be enough for 18 mm size
  • For 26 mm size, 60 beads would be enough


You have to keep in mind that the suggested amount of beds can be adjusted according to your requirements. It depends on how tightly or loosely you would like to stitch the peyote. The important rule that you have to consider is the always start from the base row and ensure that you use an even number of beads.

In this way, you can stitch the peyote in the even count and it would be easy to step up at the end of the each round. Your bezel will have a perfect appearance because all the rows will be even.

4-Guess work

If you do not have any information about the number of Rivoli beads, you can easily figure out the number of beads you should use by stringing on an even number of the Rivoli beads and the ring you make should perfectly fit around the back edge of Rivoli crystal.

Once you have stitched the peyote for the Rivoli crystal, add a row of 15 size Rivoli beads to make the peyote tighter so that the crystal will not fall out from the front or back.

Once you know the number of beads that you should use learning how to stitch peyote will not be a tough job. Use Rivoli beads to make the perfect peyote to add Rivoli crystals in your jewelry.

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