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Furniture Shopping for an Open Plan Home


Open plan living is very popular in home design. As well as making the most of natural light and giving homes a fresh and airy feel, open plan living suits the lifestyle of modern families. Spacious living areas are great for entertaining, and they give flexibility for choosing furniture and home décor.

It’s important to consider the needs of different members of the family when designing an open plan home. Noise and the need for privacy must also be taken into account. A simple solution is to divide open plan living areas into functional zones. This allows people within the home to live together in harmony and maintain the sense of space.

The main zone in an open plan home is usually based around family entertainment. Large sofas, comfortable chairs and rugs are typical features. Entertainment systems including wall-mounted televisions are typically the focal point of modern lounge areas.

A practical zone is increasingly popular in modern homes. As well as giving children a place to study and complete homework, these areas are used by homeworkers needing access to a desk and storage space. Shelving can serve a practical function for books and files as well as photographs and items for decoration. A comfortable office chair can be very useful if members of the family will spend time at a desk.

The eating zone of an open plan home is a great place for entertaining as well as preparing food. These often feature sofas and chairs as well as dining tables and kitchen appliances nowadays. The eating zone can serve several functions in a modern home, so think carefully when choosing furniture. Adults may choose to entertain friends over a glass of wine in this area, and it may serve as a playroom for children during other times of the day.

Overcrowding spaces with too much furniture is a common mistake in open plan home design. It’s easy to get carried away and buy too much when you visit a furniture store. Busy family homes should have room for people to move around freely and adequate floor space to maintain the sense of freedom. Choice of color schemes and use of glass and mirrors can also help.

Before visiting a furniture store to shop for an open plan home, it’s a good idea to consult all of the family. Storage space is easy to overlook, and clutter will spoil the effect if everyone’s needs aren’t considered. Consider how furniture needs may change if the family is likely to grow, and remember that children’s needs will change as they mature.

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