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Different Types of Bicycle Helmets


A bicycle helmet is a pretty simple device. The very first bicycle helmets were actually similar to the first scrum caps or American football helmets. They were leather skullcaps that protected the head area from cuts and bruises, but didn’t protect the players from head trauma. Due to their lack of utility, helmets were mostly only worn by competitive cyclists. As the bicycling boom hit in the 1970s, different helmets were designed.

There were many different types of bicycle helmets that were envisioned and invented, but now there are just three designs that seem to be popular.

The Multi-Sport Helmet

The multi-sport bicycle helmet in Malaysia is a helmet that is shaped to fit over the head completely. It goes from the front of the head to the back and over the crown of the head. These are the helmets you often see skateboarders or BMX bikers wearing. They are smaller than some other types of bicycle helmets, but they are also heavier. These helmets protect skateboarders and bikers against head trauma, however, they are not aerodynamic. That’s not much of a concern for something like skateboarding, but if you want to be able to move as quickly as possible, you need a different kind of helmet.

The Cycling Helmet

There are helmets designed specifically for cycling. Cycling helmets are made of the same materials as multi-sport helmets, but they tend to be much lighter weight. They’re lighter because they need to be for this type of activity. These helmets are composed of three layers of protection. The inner layer is the cushioned padding that actually goes against your head. Then there is semi-rigid layer of some kind of foam or other lightweight padding. The outer layer is a rigid layer that forms a hard shell. Each layer serves a function that keeps your head protected.

Cycling helmets differ from multi-sport helmets in terms of their shape. They have more air holes to keep your head aerated. They are also shaped in a way that is more aerodynamic. Cycling helmets do not obstruct the wind as much as other helmets. Furthermore, they often come with a bill that sticks out in front of you. Such a feature helps with the aerodynamic nature and also shields your eyes from branches and debris. They’re very popular with mountain bikers.

The Racing Helmet

Racing helmets are the most specialised type of helmet you might buy. They all have different designs that are very specific to different forms of racing. Such helmets are shaped in aerodynamic ways that are not only effective, but also lead to the very unique look that is incomparable. A cyclist’s racing helmet looks like no other kind of helmet. They are not available to purchase from many sellers since they do not get much use from everyday cyclists. Professional helmets are typically proprietary designs that are not used very often by anyone but the professionals. However, they are relevant since the amount of research that goes into designing those helmets is often transferred to consumer-grade helmets over time. So if you see a helmet that looks strange, it could be because it has been influenced by millions of pounds worth of aerodynamics research done by professional cyclists.

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