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Choosing the Right Type of Ice


If you are choosing an ice machine, you should consider what type of ice you need it to make. Ice can be made into several different shapes and sizes. Which size and shape you choose depends largely on how you intend to use the ice. For example, bigger cubes of ice have more surface area, but do not melt as quickly due to their density. So if you are looking for ice for alcoholic drinks, especially neat drinks, you might consider large ice cubes. However, if you need ice to keep something cold, you want an ice machine that will shape around the object. Here are a few types of ice and their uses.

Ice Flakes

Ice flakes are thin pieces of ice that are not very substantial. They are solid pieces of ice, but are mostly flat and not very large. Ice flakes are useful for any application of cooling. Ice flakes are often the choice for those who need to cool champagne bottles, drinks, or display fish. Flaked ice is popular for these choices since you can pack the ice around the object you need to keep cool. It will form into different shapes to accommodate the object. Furthermore, individual ice flakes melt pretty quickly. However, the mass of ice flakes will not melt, for the density of the entire mass will keep it frozen. Therefore, the ice will melt and refreeze, forming around the object to keep it as cool as possible. If you are trying to keep bottles or fish cold, look for ice machines for sale in Perth.

Other types of ice serve other purposes.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes, especially large ones, are some of the most common types of ice. They are the standard variety for many different uses. They’re best for drinks, alcoholic or not. If you are putting them in mixed drinks or soft drinks, you want them to cool the drink, but not melt very quickly. The same is true for alcoholic drinks you serve neat. Therefore, you want a larger ice cube. The larger surface area will help it come into contact with more liquid and cool faster, but will also keep it from melting very quickly.


Ice pebbles are similar to cubes in shape, but closer to granular ice in structure. They are made very small and typically look like several ice crystals stuck together. They serve many of the same purposes as ice flakes. They melt quickly and can be used as a bed of ice for champagne bottles, fish, or other items. Since they melt quickly, they can form and re-freeze around the object you’re cooling. Also, ice pebbles are great to use in drinks that can withstand some melting.

They’re used in soft drinks quite often. They are a common choice of ice for concession stands since the ice can be formed very quickly and used for many different purposes. It is a fast ice that can fill drinks, cool bottles, and preserve fresh food.

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