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Best Jewels For Special Occasions


The jewels are the essential thing for all the occasions. It is the best gift for any kind of occasions. There are several types of jewels available for all ages. It is even available for man and woman. There are many designs available for the kids also. The beautiful and eye catching jewels are available in different types of metals. The commonly used metals for the jewel making are the gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. In ancient day’s brass, copper and silver were dominating the metals for jewel making. Brass will be the alloys of copper and Zinc. They are similar to gold in color but will turn to brown and tarnish very soon. It reacts with the oxygen and the quality will get reduced. Nickel will be similar to silver but they are inducing adverse reaction in some people. It is important to select the metal we use for jewel making. The metal should be good to use, flexible to make designs, not allergic in reaction while wearing, and with reasonable cost.

Gold is one of the best and precious metals to be used. These metals are very good in color. The color will not run away from the metal. The metal will rarely react with any other chemical. It will not be allergic to anyone. It is good and flexible to do craft work. The metal is referred as 9K, 10K, 14K and 18K. K refers here is the carat or the weight of the gold. It indirectly shows the purity of the gold. 9K means the gold contains 375 g of gold in every 1000 parts of commercial gold. It means the commercial gold is having only 37.5 % of pure gold. 10K contains 410 g of pure gold. The 41% of pure gold is in the commercial gold. Similarly the 58.5% of pure gold in 14K and 75% of pure gold in 18K is present. This is the metal used mainly for the wedding and the engagement rings. These are the special occasions should be celebrated with the special metals. The rest of the metals will have Copper, Zinc and silver. They are flexible with gold to make it stable and unbreakable. There are many other carats are in practice in various countries. United States of America is using 14 K and in Asia 22K and 24K is in use. European countries use the 9K and the 18K gold for jewel making.

There are gold rings which has the diamond on it. The floral diamond should be at the centre of the gold ring and is available in different format to impress the people. The best design will be having more diamonds and other precious stones on it. The cut and the clarity of the diamonds are determining the price of the jewel. The color of the diamonds makes stunning appearance of the jewel on the special occasion.

Gold engagement rings

There are many engagements are available from different brands and shops. The designer jewels are very beautiful and unique in style. Tacori engagement rings are made with the help of the best artisans of the world. The hand crafted and the machine made designs are also available in various shops. The unique models are selected for the wedding and for the other important occasions. The birthdays, engagement is the best occasion to gift the gold and diamond rings. It is best to enjoy the moment with the beautiful rings and its sentiments. Many people have more sentiments in buying the rings made up of diamonds and precious stones.

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