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Act Smart While Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses, They’ll Love It


Let’s ask a question – what is the most important decision as you prepare for your big wedding day? Wedding Gown you would say. And if we were to rephrase and ask what is the second most important decision? After a little thought ‘bridesmaid dresses’ would be your reply. However it won’t be wrong to say that a decision around the former is definitely easier! Getting everyone together and choosing the right dresses for your bridesmaid is surely sweet labor of love. But you can really buy your bridesmaid something meaningful that they would treasure for a very long time by acting smart. So here are some smart ideas for your bridesmaid dress.

  • Ask Everyone Silly
    Well probably you would do this but in the moment of excitement some would-be brides are so engrossed around their wedding gown that they completely forget to ask bridesmaid about their choices and preferences. It can be quite difficult when all bridesmaids aren’t around during your shopping spree. So what? Get on Skye ask everyone’s preferences over phone or WhatsApp before you start choosing dresses for your bridesmaid. If all of them have different ideas, tell them what you have in mind and ask them to come up with a decision that is acceptable to all and doesn’t disappoint anyone.
  • Avoid Buying ‘Too Wedding Type’ Dresses
    Aren’t those bridesmaid dresses meant for my wedding and the perfect photo op that follows and preludes the ceremonies? Well it definitely is, but for a moment put yourself in the shoes of a bridesmaid. Will you love to get a dress that you are going to wear only once? As a friend it is also time for you to appreciate your friendship and hence you should buy them something that they can wear on other occasions as well. If you buy them a sort of uniform or something that is just meant for your wedding day, you are being selfish, aren’t you?
  • Never Ignore The Reception
    Your idea of picture perfect dress for bridesmaid may be slinky and floor-length gowns. After all it’s what most of us have grown up seeing or visualizing about a wedding scene. But in today’s world weddings and especially receptions have changed. So if you want all your bridesmaid on the dance floors and sweat it out to foot tapping music, such gowns are big thumbs down. If you have planned for an electrifying reception after you say ‘I do’ it would be worth buying short bridesmaid dresses instead of Victorian style long gowns.
  • Value for Money and Yet Premium
    One thing that you should have in mind is the ‘top dollar’ you are willing to spend on bridesmaid dresses. And here there is no benchmark or right or wrong notion. It all depends on your spending prowess and what your bridesmaid mean to you. If your friends are spending heavily on airfares and hotels to attend your wedding, they definitely deserve something special. This is not to say that if your friends stay in the same community they don’t deserve special attention. So you must consider all aspects before you choose the right dress. The good news is there are lots of online stores that sell you premium bridesmaid dresses at the most competitive and you can give them a try.

About the Author: Sandra Jones is a wedding planner and helps her clients choose the right kind of bridesmaid dresses. She keeps tab on the latest styles and trends in the market and helps people take smart decisions.

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