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5 Benefits of Doll Play


As adults, we don’t think anything of buying a baby doll for a child because they like playing with them. They will often imitate the nurturing actions they receive from the adults who are in their lives. Even though most people are not aware of it, giving a child a doll to play with has many benefits.

Imitate Interactions

At about ages two or three, children will start treating dolls as though they can see, hear, and interact with them. They will feed the doll, talk to it, or make up stories while pretending to read to it, bath the doll, and then put it to bed.  They will treat the doll in ways their parents or other adults treat them, which if observant, the parents can learn a few things while watching their child play with a doll.

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

By undressing and dressing a doll, children will become better coordinated with their fingers. They will learn how to button dresses and shirts, how to put on socks, and find clothing to match for the doll’s outfits. By doing this, they will begin to learn how to undress and dress themselves, and learn to pick out clothes for themselves to wear.

When “feeding” their dolls, they will become more accustomed to holding bottles, cups, spoons, and forks. This will help them become better at handling utensils when they attempt to feed themselves, so more of the food ends up inside of their mouths instead of in their hair or on their clothes. By practicing movements involving hand-eye coordination, they will become more dexterous.

Teaches Nurturing

When you give a child top quality newborn baby dolls from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, and teach them how to handle it, they will develop empathy and nurturing skills. This can be very handful if a baby brother or sister is joining the family, because you can teach them how to interact with their new sibling by demonstrating with their doll. They can learn how to hold, pat and treat the doll with kindness, then transfer those skills to the baby.

Develop Good Hygiene

By bathing their dolls, washing their hair, and brushing teeth, children will learn the importance of good hygiene. Parents can help encourage this by reminding children to take care of their doll, and then help them take care of themselves. By using a toothbrush or comb on their doll, your child can learn how to use them and develop good hygiene habits at an early age.

Provides Emotional Outlet

When a child feels stressed out or overwhelmed, playing with their doll from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop can make their world seem more manageable. Children don’t know how to verbalise their frustrations, but in comforting their dolls, they are also comforting themselves.

The world around them is much bigger than they are, so by playing with their dolls they can bring it down to their size. Both boys and girls should be encouraged to play with dolls to take advantage of these benefits.

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