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4 Country Fashion Styles to Carry Into the Spring


With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the time to prepare your spring wardrobe. Incorporating some country fashion pieces into your spring wardrobe allows you to feel a little bit country every day, whether you’re heading to a concert, getting ready for a date or simply socializing with your friends. Blending on-trend country pieces with more traditional wardrobe items means you’ll look stylish and feel confident this spring and summer. These four pieces are must-have items for a warm weather wardrobe with a country twist.

Denim Duds

Denim is a classic element of a country outfit. While you surely have several pairs of jeans in your wardrobe, think outside the classic skinny jeans for a decidedly country look. A denim jacket is a perfect piece for spring days — this layer works well for cool spring mornings and evenings, and you can peel it off when spring temperatures rise. Opt for a structured denim jacket with unique button details — this style will be both fashionable and flattering.


Another denim item to incorporate into your spring wardrobe include a denim mini skirt. A white denim skirt pairs well with boots and colorful tops. A denim vest is a trendy piece that you can layer over a tank top.

Fabulous Frocks

Dresses are a staple of spring and summer wardrobes, so choose dresses with a country twist. Seek out two styles when selecting a country dress. First, look for lace. Lace sundresses pair well with country accessories. Mix a lace dress with more rustic pieces, such as a woven leather belt, for a country look. Floral dresses can also give off that country vibe. Choose soft colors, such as pink, beige, baby blue and yellow, rather than a bold and busy pattern. Intricate detailing such as lace straps can blend the two styles for an on-trend country look. A high-low hemline is another unique design feature for a soft, feminine country dress.

Boot Basics

You don’t have to pack up your women’s cowboy boots just because the temperatures are rising. Let your legs breathe by opting for a pair of low-cut boots, which will be a cooler option on warm days. Or, stick with your favorite pair of high-cut boots, which you can wear with denim shorts or skirts or sundresses, balancing a warm weather style with a classic country shoe. Dan Post women’s boots include both of these styles, whether you want snip toed or square toed boots with intricate floral underlays in a variety of rich leather colors.

Plaid Pieces

Plaid is another classic country pattern, so pick up some spring pieces that reflect this look. For spring and summer, choose brightly colored plaid patterns, from pastels to primary colors. You can even grab a button-down gingham shirt, another nod to country patterns. Grab a lightweight long-sleeved button-down shirt, which you can roll up and pair with shorts or a skirt.

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